Parents - we are here to help no matter what phase you are in!

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Parents -  we are very excited to partner with you as your child grows. It is our desire to come along side you, to resource and equip you to parent well at each and every age and phase your child is in. God embraces, engages, affirms, mobilizes and values each child as they grow. It is our desire that as your faith is expressed at home these resources will help you and your child grow in a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Need a ParentWin?

A moment of encouragement, wisdom or guidance that helps you know you are on the right track as a parent? We want to help all parents get what they need to "win".  Text “parentwin” to 360.526.6500 to get a weekly reminder that although parenting can be hard, it is filled with opportunities for good, growth, support and wins.