There are so many ways to serve locally through Good Shepherd, as well as getting involved in global efforts to spread the Gospel of Christ. Whether you feel called to Charlotte or another continent, we want to empower you to do the work God has called you to. We offer many opportunities to serve your community and the world through ServeTeams and serving opportunities.

Community Impact

Whether you want to impact individual homes or entire neighborhoods, community impact ServeTeams allow you to be an ambassador for Christ in your immediate local area.

Children & Students

There are lots of ways to impact children and teenagers and help meet some of their basic needs. Whether you want to make an impact locally or globally, we have something for you!


Good Shepherd is committed to helping people who are homeless in Charlotte. We aim to meet the short-term and long-term housing and transitioning needs of locals through partnerships with various organizations.

Recovery & Care

Recovery & Care ServeTeams help to meet spiritual, physical, mental and/or emotional needs of adults. Whether you want to make an impact locally or globally, we have something for you!

Short-Term Missions

We want the people of Good Shepherd to have life-changing impacts while serving others...and this includes serving in a short-term missions capacity. We have many opportunities each year, both domestically and internationally, to spread the love of Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel message while helping meet people's needs. 

Want to see how Good Shepherd is impacting the community? Check out our 2021 Annual Report.