Good Shepherd at Home is all about making the worship experience enjoyable for the whole family. By sharing resources and providing valuable encouragement, we want you to feel empowered to lead your family through a worship experience. Worshiping with God’s people is the best way to help your children feel that church is a place where they belong.

Before: Prepare for the time 

  • Create patterns that help your whole family experience Sabbath rest and anticipation. Make Good Shepherd at Home a routine and priority.
  • You may want to remove distractions, but you also may want to provide activities that kids can do without help or noise (for example coloring or legos)
  • Download the resources to devices that your kids may need (resources linked below).
  • If your child enjoys looking through a children’s Bible storybook, have it available and open.
  • For groups meeting together during worship, click here to find out more about our childcare voucher program.

During: Engage your child periodically


  • Become a church Whisperer: Help kids stay engaged during worship by whispering questions or making observations. During a song, whisper, “My favorite verse of this song is the third one. Which part do you like the best?” As Scripture is read, ask your child how it would feel to be living in that story, or suggest that they squeeze your hand when they hear Jesus’ name. 
  • Encourage everyone to stand when those leading the service indicate to stand.
  • Have them raise their Bible at the appropriate time.  

After: Follow-up


  •  Ask well directed kid friendly questions:  What did you see or hear during worship? Do you wonder about anything that was said? What was your favorite part and why?
  • Affirm their insights and encourage them to learn more.