People often comment on how warm and inviting the people of Good Shepherd are.  That's great news because inviting people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ is what we're all about! The First Impressions team is a group of volunteer ushers, hosts, greeters, connectors and coffee makers who work to make our guest experience top notch! If you're interested in helping newcomers feel welcome and invited, check out the First Impressions team. 


Lobby Greeters and Door Greeters work to welcome people as they enter the building and the Worship Center areas. Greeters may hand out bulletins, direct guests to available seating and hold the Giving Baskets at the end of the service. 


Hosts warmly welcome those that enter the building and serve as guides for our new guests. 


Connectors serve at our Welcome Center area, collect new guest Connection Cards and hand out new guest gift bags. They also assist churchgoers interested in connecting with a LifeGroup or a ServeTeam. 


Coffee makers prepare and serve coffee to churchgoers during one service.